Ackbar's Services


Life Stream Readings

Life Stream Readings are soul connections from the Akashic Records through the "Council of 13". These are 13 pathways or essences of the divine.

Private recorded sessions
20 minutes - $40
30 minutes - $50
90% of the time, 20 minutes is all that is needed.

Telephone readings are recorded and mailed 1st class.
20 minutes - $45
30 minutes - $55

5-hour Intensives - Connect with core issues - Eliminate old programs - Create your new life
This is one-on-one, fast for those who are ready and tired of seeing themselves limited.
5 hours - $250

Multi-Dimensional Therapy
Individual Holotrophic Breathwork – Oxygenates brain cells, stimulating images, memories and feelings - a gentle way to integration. This one-on-one work deals with addictions, poor relationship decision and creating a new foundation for life.
Sessions: 1 – Hour - $80

Couples Therapy
A safe place for each person to be heard. A commitment is needed for 6 to 8 sessions. You will leave with concrete ways to deal with frustrations and the ability to listen to each other. Most of all, if you both choose, a whole new focus on your relationship.
Sessions: 1 – Hour - $75

Aura Photography

Your Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds you. It manifests through the light spectrum in seven primary colors. Each color has a purpose and meaning.

Sessions include your Aura Photo, the rainbow interpretation sheet and a 2-minute meditation and breathing process - $35

Classes & Workshops

Classic Study Series

1) Basic Numerology - This class will give you the ability to see the world by using numbers - the cycles and messages behind the words we use.

2) Basic Astrology - The foundations of astrology starting with the signs, houses, and how each of these can be used in everyday life. The aspects of the moon will be discussed.

3) Basic Tarot - Learn to interpret each card, do layouts and become an accomplished reader yourself.

4) Pendulums - This is an amazing tool for healing. Using the pendulum for specific questions/answers, and most importantly how to create the question correctly to receive that answer.

5) Karma/Reincarnation - Class participation involves everyone. We discuss how karma and reincarnation fit into our own belief systems. We learn how to understand people’s choices and how we co-create our lives in today’s world.

6) Vision Letters - This is one of my favorite classes. It will teach you how to write a letter to God. Only through God can we realize our hopes and dreams. Most of our lives are unfulfilled dreams. Learn how to create this reality.

You will walk away with hands-on experience and the ability to know if this medium is for you.

Each class is 2 hours - $25

Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the series.

Ascension Workshops

The Ascension Process - The myths and the realities. So much has been talked about when it comes to this unique process. Learn about The Great White Brotherhood, The Ascended Masters, The Angelic Enclaves, The inter-dimensional Intelligences, The Deva & Elemental Kingdoms, The Yogi’s of India, and anyone connected to the higher levels of consciousness.

Transformation - The transformation of the physical body, this is part 2 of the ascension process. This class will be the real deal of what is happening in this moment in time on this planet with the physical. Some of the material will be visionary. Come and be open to the possibilities of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Personal Evolution - This class is about the lineage of our lives. How to "clean up" our bodies. The physical, mental & emotional bodies. How to listen to our souls. Most important, how to "accept" God back into the physical body temple.

Classes are 2 hours - $25

Ackbar's Business Program - How to Open a Metaphysical Bookstore, Healing Center or New Age Center.

The last 38 years in the business world has given me the confidence to support you in your next step.
I can save you thousands of dollars from these experiences.

Phone/In-Person Business Consultations
30 Minutes - $50
60 Minutes - $90

1st Program - $2,000

List of 100+ vendors, order forms, product names, contact phone numbers, wholesale prices, retail prices. How to place an order & call it in to the wholesale dealer. This program also includes in-person and/or phone calls for any questions you might have in setting up and creating your own business for 28 days.

2nd Program - $5,000

List of 100+ vendors, order forms, product names, contact phone numbers, wholesale prices, retail prices. How to place an order & call it in to the wholesale dealer.
28 day on-site support. Basically we work together to set up, organize and open your business together.

After creating five stores and co-creating 4 other shops for business friends, I have years of learning the best prices, the best distributors, the best wholesale shows to visit.

I am of service to you.

Ackbar’s Background

21 years in restaurants from cooking, management, trainer and supervisor.
1985 - Massage Therapist. Set up clientele and business.
1997-2000 - Live 2-hour Radio Program.
17 Years doing New Age Expos/Large Gatherings of people for self-improvement, holistic healers, psychics, mediums and alternative healing products.

Ackbars Stores

1991 - 1st Metaphysical Shop in Chehalts, WA - "The Guiding Star".
1994 - 2nd New Age Shop in Longview, WA - "The Star of Heaven".
1997 - 3rd New Age Center in Wilmington, NC - "Stargate Books & Gifts".
2002 - 4th Metaphyisical Shoppe in Nashville, TN - "Galactic Gateways".
2004 - 5th New Age Shop in Nashville, TN - "Galactic Gateways #2"
2008 - 6th Metaphysical Shop in Lititz, PA - "Sacred Earth"

All shops were "built from the ground up."
All shops made money within the second month of operation.
All shops were located in unknown communities.
All shops were opened within "2 weeks" of signing lease.